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He has nothing to forgive TIME ONLINE


It is not the first time that Moshe Peter Loth has caused a stir in this process. In November, pictures of his appearance before the Hamburg district court had gone around the world: After he had reported in detail about his suffering as a baby in the Stutthof concentration camp and the separation from his mother, he got up and shouted "Look here, I will forgive him" in the room and hugged the former SS guard sitting there on the dock. A big gesture, it seemed, but above all: a big production.

Now it is clear: Loth personally had nothing to forgive. He was never in a concentration camp. A reporter from the mirror researched, and Moshe Peter Loth has now drawn the consequences: he has withdrawn his co-lawsuit in the Hamburg Stutthof trial. "In the interests of the victims," ​​says Salvatore Barba, the lawyer for the alleged contemporary witness from the United States,

With the step, Loth, who came especially from the USA for his testimony in November, preempted the court. The punitive chamber would have deprived the 76-year-old of the secondary lawsuit anyway. The presiding judge was relieved that this was no longer necessary. They welcome Loth's decision, she said. On the previous day of the trial, when the outrageous allegations had just come to light, another co-lawyer had said that "there is now a shadow over this trial". Now everyone hopes that the shadow has evaporated.

But is that so?


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